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Tips For Selling A Home or Property In Virginia Beach, Virginia

Getting Your House Ready To Sell 

Become emotionally detached from your house. 
See your home as a property, an asset you will sell for income rather than your home. Begin to think of it and refer to it as ‘the house’ rather than your home. This will generate a message clear to the potential buyers that your house is available to be some else’s new home.     

Help potential buyers see themselves living in the space.
Make your house anonymous by removing most of the personal photographs. Seekers will more easily imagine the space as theirs rather than yours. Thus you avoid the possibility they may feel they are taking your home away from you.     

Clear clutter.
Clear clutter throughout the house. The kitchen is the most important room to clear of extra items on counter tops and all surfaces.  Remove extra furniture and items from the other rooms, as well. Clean out closets so they can be opened easily and appear neat. Clean up the garage and other storage areas by removing excess stuff. Make sure potential buyers can easily see storage areas and imagine their own belongings in them.  

Do some home repairs.
While you want to have your home in basic working order, do not make expensive renovations that will require you to use loans or credit cards, effecting your next mortgage. Be sure all plumbing and electrical fixtures are working.  Repair any leaks and damage from them.  Paint can be the most valuable renovation for your dollar. Choose neutral colors that would work for any décor or taste. Have carpets professionally cleaned. Replace carpet only if it visibly worn, very old, and stained beyond repair. Repair damaged floors or floor tiles.  Make certain all interior and exterior doors open and close easily. Check all doors, cupboards, and gates. Reduce squeaks with WD40. 

Give your entry visible appeal.
Create a positive first impression with a clean and inviting entry.  

Clean sells.
Clean up well. Dust everything and polish floors. Hire professional cleaners if necessary. Get your house as spotless as possible.  Keep pet messes to an absolute minimum. Keep pets as out of the way as you can.

Make certain your house smells clean and fresh.
Keep pets and smoking outside whenever possible.  

Outside the House The Front Door
The front door is the first thing potential buyers experience just before entering the house. Make sure it presents well.  Make certain the knobs work well and the surfaces are clean. Add a plant or two to the front porch.     

Front landscaping
Go across the street and look at your house.  Is it at least as nice as nice as most houses on the street? Add mature bushes to spruce up the look. Clean up all back and side yards of clutter, weeds, leaves and overgrowth. Hire help if needed.  

Take a Tour
Be a potential buyer and tour your house. What do you see? Go ahead, open that closet door. Look in the cupboards. Look out the windows.  Walk through the yard.  

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